1) All smoking is strictly prohibited in the building.
2) Taking photos in the building is subject to previous agreement with the building operator.
3) All participants in trainings, sports and commercial events shall maintain order and cleanliness in all the curling hall premises with special care given to the ice rink surroundings. Waste baskets are provided in the curling hall premises for waste sorting and disposal.
4) All curling shoes must be clean before walking on the ice. Curling shoes or other ice-friendly, soft-soled shoes are preferred.
5) No food is allowed in the ice rink area. Non-alcoholic drinks shall be carried in closed plastic bottles and kept in the designated area next to the ice rink (on tables).
6) Except for commercial events, mobile phones shall not be carried to the ice rink area. In the course of commercial events, instructors shall not be allowed to use their mobile phones for private calls.
7) Brushes for commercial events and club trainings are kept on stands next to the ice rink, in the front area of the hall. The brushes shall be thoroughly cleaned and returned to the stand after use. Each registered player shall be obliged to pay a fee of CZK 10/hour of brush rental.
8) Brushes for national team members are kept in the lockable cabinet next to the ice rink in the rear area of the hall. The cabinet is only intended for the storage of brushes and stabilizers.
9) If an electronic handle is installed in a curling stone, it´s needed to respect following: touching the handle is permitted only with hands, not with a sliding shoe sole or a brush. Manipulating the stone so that the handle can touch the ice is banned.
10) The elevator is only provided for handicapped or disabled persons.

11) In the course of club trainings particular ice rink tracks shall not be used for commercial purposes. Failure to fulfill this prohibition will be strictly punished.
12) As for small-scale recruitment campaigns managed by the club within the framework of its training hours, the maximum number of non-registered players on a single track is limited to 5, provided that at least 3 registered club players are present on the track at the same time.
13) In the course of sports and commercial events, general safety and proper conduct principles shall be adhered to. Each club shall be directly responsible for the behavior and manners of its members in the curling hall premises. Each organizer shall be responsible for the behavior and manners of the event participants. Playing under influence of alcohol and other psychotropic substances is not allowed.
14) Report any complaints regarding the operation of the hall or other service-related issues no later than within 48 hours following the occurrence of the subject of the complaint by e-mail to info@curlingpromo.cz.
15) It is strongly recommended not to leave valuables in the dressing rooms (e.g.wallets, mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, car keys, jewellery etc.). You can take these things at the ice with you and put them on the tables. You can also place then to the umpires room if it is agreed by the building operator.

Behaviour on the ice-rink: move carefully and general safety and proper conduct principles shall be adhered to. Follow happenings on the ice-rink all the time.

Important phone numbers:
Fire Service: 150
Ambulance: 155
Police of the Czech Republic: 158
City police: 156
Electric power outage: 224 915 151
Gas supply outage: 1239
Water supply outage: 267 310 543
Elevator defect: 608 229 608

These operating regulations shall be effective as of 26. 1. 2012.
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