How to book a STREET CURLING rental

Written booking:
A booking for STREET CURLING may be submitted only via email at: The booking should contain the date, time period, and billing details.

Information about STREET CURLING:
As STREET CURLING is transported in a transport box which is difficult to handle because of its size and weight, the transport, installation as well as packing and transport back is provided by the lessor.
After installation of STREET CURLING the coach explains to the participants of the event the principles of the game and the differences to the traditional curling. It is ideal if the participants play against each other or in teams of two players each because only 4 stones with affixed wheels are used in the game. The players use rock-paper-scissors to decide who will have the advantage/disadvantage of starting the game. The number of ends in a game depends on the number of players. Before they enter the sheet all participants of STREET CURLING must be instructed by the coach at least concerning the following rules:

  • The players are allowed to enter the sheet only without shoes.
  • Stones are thrown while the player squats, sits or stands.
  • The stones are not to be lifted.
  • Players are not to ride on the stones.
  • Players are not to slide on the sheet (neither on the belly nor on the back, etc.).
  • No food or drink is allowed on the sheet.

The coach ensures organisation of the tournament, gives instructions to players and introduces the game to the players. The coach is fully available to the players throughout the time of the game and answers any questions the players may have.

The price and other conditions that must be met for rental of STREET CURLING may be sent upon request.

Rental agreement:
Rental agreement must be signed at least 10 days before the date of the event. We will send the rental agreements in two counterparts; it will contain provisions requiring the lessee to provide a security deposit and a recommendation to take out insurance of STREET CURING for the given event. The agreement may be sent only after CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. books the coaches. If the order is cancelled after signature of the rental agreement, the client will be charged a cancellation fee of CZK 5,000.

STREET CURLING is ensured by CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. and is transported by a well-tried company which has experience transporting STREET CURLING and is insured for transporting valuable items.