How to book a rental of 1 to 3 sheets

Sporting and social events in PRAGUE CURLING ARENA are organised by CURLING PROMO, s.r.o.

Curling sheets may only be booked via e-mail at
The ideal number of players on one sheet is eight – two teams of four players each. If needed, however, a team may consist of three or exceptionally five players. We recommend two hours for the game.

Reservation and confirmed booking of one to three sheets (individual sheets)

On weekdays it is possible to rent one to two sheets until 3pm or 4pm at the latest, depending on the particular weekday in question. After 4pm on weekdays, it is possible only to rent three sheet except for December when its only possible to rent all four sheets, i.e., the entire ice rink.
Weekends – Individual curling sheets may be rented in the evening only on weekends.
League competitions are usually held in the area on weekends, nevertheless if you are interested in a weekend date, please send us a request.
We recommend renting all four sheets for groups of 25 or more players; this is possible at any time during weekdays.