How to book the transport of CURLING STONES


A booking of curling equipment rental may only be made via email at: The booking should contain the date, time period, location, and billing details.
When curling equipment is rented, it is necessary to follow the safety instructions to ensure the safety of the stones during transport, before the event, as well as during the tournament. These services are provided by CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. through the presence of the ice maker and the coaches who also organise a good quality tournament for our clients.
For sporting and social events, we always require the presence of one ice maker and a coach in accordance with the price list of CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. and the reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs, if any.

Basic rules for the rental and handling of curling equipment:
When handling curling stones, it is necessary to follow the instructions below, at a minimum:

  • One set of stones consists of 16 stones. If a single stone is damaged, the entire set of curling stones is damaged.
  • During any sporting event, it is recommended to have present a trained ice maker or a coach who know the rules for handling curling stones.
  • Curling stones must be cooled before the event. The cooling period depends on various factors and may be decided only according to the weather, location of the event, and so on.
  • If the stones are transported by a car, they must not be placed directly on the ice, they must be cooled near the ice for at least 3 hours and then they must be cooled for at least 2 hours on the ice.
  • The trained ice maker or trained coaches, who are members of a curling club, make sure that the stones are properly cooled before the event, they ensure that the rules for handling the stones are followed, and play the role of assistants at the ice rink at the given location (indoor arena, etc.) throughout the period of the event and during the game.
  • During the game the curling stones must not be lifted or otherwise handled above the ice, the stones can only be slid freely on the ice.
  • Curling stones must not be exposed to water.
  • If required, the ice maker may re-pebble the ice surface. He also makes sure that the rules for handling the stones are followed and may give advice as a coach on the rules of curling on the ice rink in the given location – an indoor arena – throughout the event and during the game. All these activities are a paid service.

The price for the provision of curling equipment and the organisation of an event outside of Prague will be sent after the client provides a more detailed specification of the planned event.
The price includes:

  • The fee for curling stone rental. One set contains 16 stones.
  • The fee for the rental of pull-on sliders (a sliding cover for one shoe) and brooms is included in the rental price of stones. Sliders and brooms are rented according to the current availability at CURLING PROMO, s.r.o.
  • The price also includes the services of two assistants, i.e., one ice maker and one coach.
  • Before the curling equipment – curling stones – is handed over, the client will be required to transfer a security deposit to the account of CURLING PROMO, s.r.o., which will be returned to the account of the renter upon the return of undamaged equipment.

The price does not include the transport of stones or the rental of the ice rink, which is the responsibility of the client. We can recommend an experienced, proven transportation company for the transport of stones that has the required insurance policy for such purposes.

In case of damage or failure to return the pull-on sliders or brooms, the client will be charged the CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. price for such equipment.

We always require insurance of the stones during transport as well as for sporting events organised outside of PRAGUE CURLING ARENA.

Rental agreement:
Before the curling equipment is handed over, it is necessary to sign a rental agreement which is sent to the client in two counterparts in advance. The client must also submit an insurance policy for the stones or provide proof of how the stones are insured during transport by the transportation company and during the sporting event in the arena, i.e., to check that the sum insured is sufficient.

Hand-over protocol:
The hand-over and return of curling stones is always recorded in protocols stating the condition of the stones (everything in order, etc.); the protocols are always signed by both parties.

Mode of transport:
The stones must be placed in the car one next to the other, they must be placed on cardboard, or old carpet, or a blanket. One set of stones requires approximately 1.4 m2 of loading area.