STREET CURLING OFFER for sporting and social events

CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. owns a mobile demonstration of curling, called STREET CURLING.
STREET CURLING may be used for curling promotion without an ice rink, on a dry surface, as well as for commercial purposes for various sporting and social events. The transport and installation of STREET CURLING is provided by CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. For rental of STREET CURLING, it is necessary to consider where STREET CURLING will be located and for what group of players it will be used.

Indoor installation of STREET CURLING:

  • Installation in a public indoor space (shopping centres, sport centres) requires two trained coaches from CURLING PROMO, s.r.o. to operate and supervise the STREET CURLING.
  • One coach may be sufficient in the case of installation in a closed space for a limited group of people, however two coaches are recommended. For a rental for an extended period, the event organisers and the rental party will agree on the conditions for the provision of a coach from CURLING PROMO, s.r.o.. STREET CURLING is best installed in a closed indoor space:
    – In a gym;
    – In long corridors;
    – Or in other larger spaces.
  • It is necessary to check in advance the transport path, i.e., to check that there is sufficient space for the transport and installation of STREET CURLING (no less than 4 x 15 meters) and whether the space can be accessed without any barriers with a box on wheels (2.7 x 1.3 x 1 meter – it does not fit in ordinary lifts, the weight including the box is approximately 450 kilos).
  • The sheet may be taken out of the transport box only at the location where STREET CURLING will be played. It is not possible to carry it without the box, on a rod for example, or in any other way. The surface onto which the sheet is spread must be absolutely straight, otherwise the sheet could be damaged./li>

The outdoor installation of STREET CURLING is possible in the following conditions:

  • It must be warm, ideally no less than 15°C. The sheet of STREET CURLING is made of plastic and hence it does not insulate and it is not possible to use it outdoors during the winter because you can only walk barefoot on the sheet.
  • It must not rain – difficult to forecast.
  • A tartan surface is ideal.
  • If the sheet is spread directly on concrete it must be absolutely straight and it is necessary to put felt or heavy-duty carpet under the sheet, such felt/carpet should be slightly bigger than 10×2.5m and in one piece. We do not provide such felt or carpet.

View the installation video: STREET CURLING VIDEO